Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hey, Do You Know: VENOM?

I wont lie, the name Venom got me curious about them. This has to be one of my favorite bands in a long time. I love their heavy sound and how they perform live. I like Tsukihito's voice in their song 'Sixxth' and I love the song 'Dress', everything in the song comes together for me. They have two singles, one is called 'EMPTY' and was released 02/08/2013 and their second single called 'ABSURD' was released 04/23/2014. I will always have my ears open for Venom, they have made it on my radar.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Press Release: FLOW's "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" Featured In The Theatrical Release Of The New Dragon Ball Z Film‏


featured in the theatrical release of ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’

As been previously announced, the highly anticipated new Dragon Ball film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, comes to theaters in the U.S. and Canada for a limited release on Aug 5, 6, 7, & 9. This legendary opening theme song, “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA”, covered by the rock band FLOW, will be featured as the theme song in this latest film. 

“CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA” plus other hit songs by FLOW are part of their 8th album “FLOW THE MAX”, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. Get the music today and be powered up before the U.S. theatrical premiere!

PLUS, don't miss your chance to see the band LIVE at Anime Fest 2014 from August 15-18 in Dallas, TX. 



‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods’ official movie website: 

Anime Fest 2014 registration info:

XENON In-Store Event: CELL Livestream Q&A from Japan

XENON Japanesque Rock + Shibuya Style clothing and music store will host a live Q&A session with the members of CELL!  XENON, opened July 21, 2014, is the first ever official CURE shop in the US and boasts a great collection of Visual Kei-style clothing and music straight from Japan.  The event is totally free and starts at 8:00pm.  That's like 6am Japan time, so don't make those boys get up early for nothing!  

[Xenon In-Store Event]

August 9th, Sat. 8:00pm-9:00pm. Free
@Xenon, Little Tokyo

319 E 2nd St. #119 Los Angeles, CA 90012
Located in front of JUNGLE.

DJ Meirlin & Ryo(ex.LF-laissez faire-)

■CELL NEW SINGLE: JIKOGENKYU PARADOX Release (Available at Xenon on the day of the event)

■CURE MAGAZINE Vol.134 November Issue: SNAP SHOT from LA. You'll be on CURE MAGAZINE!

PV Analysis: Neverland - 'Escape Land'

The band called Neverland came together in mid-2012, bringing a strong speed-rock sound with effective use of distortion. Comprised of Ryota (vocal), Kazuki (guitar), Temple (bass) and Amber (drums), the band is rather active as of late, releasing a 5th single the day I write this. I'll be looking at their 4th single's PV, “Land Escape” - presenting a variety of performance shots and a crime tale told with bizarre technique.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Shibuya Crossing Episode 037 LIVE Wednesday July 30th!

IT'S GOING TO BE A HEADBANGIN, TABLE-FLIPPING, BODY-MOSHING KIND OF TIME on the next Shibuya Crossing. First, we look back at the music of CROSSFAITH, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas and an all new track by ONE OK ROCK that everyone's been talking about - all on our opening setlist. 

After that, we turn the dial up to some good old rock and roll as we play the music of multi-talented neo-samurai guitarist and musician 雅-MIYAVI- on our Artist Spotlight. PLUS - If you happen to be or will be in the Montreal area, this week is your last chance to win free passes to the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival! Tweet the show @shibuya1690 for your chance to win! We'll be talking some of the best (and worst) films that screened this past weekend during the show. 

And finally we check out some overseas J-Rock inspired artists, look over the week's music charts and gather all of the news that's fit to spew, digest and chew! All on Episode 037 of Shibuya Crossing. From CJLO 1690AM in Montreal. 

Wednesday, July 30th at 1pm EST at (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm On Demand at

Monday, 28 July 2014


Teaser for Overworld's upcoming 2nd EP 'Bring Down the Sky'. Available for pre-order today!

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X Japan Tickets on Sale August 1

Tickets for the long awaited X Japan live at Madison Square Garden go on sale August 1, so keep your finger on the trigger, because it will sell out fast!  And check out that new look, guys! 

The Weekly Quickie: LOST ASH, BUCK TICK, Gacharic Spin, Litchi Hikari Club, Penicillin, MIYAVI

LOST ASH has just announced a three month FREE one-man concert series.  That's not a typo.  "Get to Know LOST ASH"  will take place September 19, October 17 and November 21 at Shibuya REX.  Entrance is totally free.  No gimmicks.  Well, except for that pesky drink fee.  No getting around that, I'm afraid.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Live Report: One Ok Rock at Warped Tour July 3, 2014

Hello everyone, Taka here...

It's been nearly a month since I saw One Ok Rock and just now got all the videos and photos rendered. My apologies...

But One Ok Rock hit the Beatport Stage over in Noblesville, Indiana on July 3. The band joined on to the Warped Tour lineup playing from April 1 to July 6. Noblesville was the closest location to me so I packed up my little sister (whose phone was borrowed for photos and videos; hence the delay) and drove about 2 and a half hours for the awesome rock festival!

One Ok Rock performed at 6:50PM and had signings and photos at their merchandise booth at 4:30PM.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Kiryu Now Available On iTunes!!!

Thanks to signing with GANSHIN Records, Kiryu's music is now available world-wide for download via iTunes! They've also announced Royz joining aboard so check for their music soon!

In the mean time go shop KIRYU!!!

Shibuya Crossing Episode 036 LIVE Wednesday July 23rd!

FEELING MOODY? We got some music to keep you company. 

On the next episode of Shibuya Crossing, our opening setlist will help you stay calm and firmly planted on your two feet (or more, if you're not a human) with a mellow and rebellious kind of mix to coincide with the weather of the, shall we say, say - rainy kind. You will hear the music of 9 GOATS BLACK OUT and marlee to start off with. Expect some additional pieces on the side we're saving for on air.

We walk down through memory lane once again to explore the music of D'ESPAIRSRAY. We'll feature them in this week's Artist Spotlight ahead of their imminent reunion appearance next week during Angelo's live concert in Japan. 

Also, to ease down your despair and loneliness, how about we take you to the movies for free? The 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal is in high gear and we're going to be giving away free passes to the movie of your choice. Tune in to to learn more! 

We’re also playing music from some more films screening during Fantasia, and then take a look on some international J-Rock inspired artists making waves among music lovers everywhere! All on Episode 036 of Shibuya Crossing.

Wednesday, July 23rd at 1pm EST at (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm on demand at

Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690 

D'espairsray New Look!

I'm not gonna lie, I fangirled out a little bit when I saw this.  The first new visuals for D'espairsray in almost four years!  The new picture was spotted this morning gracing their official twitter account.  D'espairsray disbanded back in 2011 due to their vocalist, Hizumi, battling a rare throat condition, but they announced back in May that they will be reforming to play one show at Zepp Diver City on July 29 with Angelo, RIZE, Lynch. and FAKE?.  Make sure to follow them on twitter for more information such as showtimes and merch sales and, maybe if we're lucky, MORE SHOWS!  Fingers and toes crossed!

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Weekly Quickie: TAG, THE MICRO HEAD4NS, MINORI, Shin, Yoshiki, D.I.D.

HOLLOWGRAM vocalist Ryo has announced his third release with his collaboration project, TAG.  Called Synapse Wall, this six track release promises a more electronic, industrial feel than we are used to from his previous projects.  Synapse Wall will release on July 30.  You can grab it, along with their previous releases, from iTunes or AmazonMp3.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Crestillion is launching a brand new project and reaching out to YOU, the fan-base to make it happen! Petri has shared the details below. Check it out and show your support!

We're happy to announce that our next music video will be 'Butterfly Maze', third track from our EP 'Four Minutes'. To realize this project WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH FUNDINGS, and are therefore introducing our new crowdfunding service Project Butterfly! Be it t-shirts, handwritten lyrics or a day with the band, purchasing one of the funding items from our list to the right will help us tremendously.


This project will be up and running for 31 days, from July 20’th to August 20’th, after which all items will be shipped/processed. Help us reach our goal within these 31 days and we'll be able to immediately start preparations for filming our music video. Our fanbase and supporters have always awestruck us with their dedication, and we place full trust in this project and you all. Therefore, we will ship all items even if our goal has not reached 100%!

Click the link below to get started and go crazy!


Thursday, 17 July 2014

PV Analysis: Number Girl - 'I Don't Know'

Number Girl was formed in Fukuoka, Japan, active from 1995. Featuring Mukai Shūtoku (guitar, vocals), Tabuchi Hisako (guitar), Nakao Kentarō (bass) and Ahito Inazawa (drums), the departure of bassist Kentarō led to the band's dissolution in 2002. Their sound was a raw, indie rock style that evolved over the years, similar to the Pixies or Husker Du in western rock terms. A recent 15th anniversary release has brought new attention to the band in recent months. Their final single “I Don't Know” features a PV that appears to be composed of shots from a feature film. Further research indicates the movie is 'Gaichu' (aka 'Harmful Insect') by Akihiko Shiota, a stark coming of age story from 2001. Large portions of Japanese text appear on the screen during the video, seeming to set up or provide further context; lacking translations for these portions the sparse lyrics may provide some further frame of reference.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Overworld's MV Pledge Campaign

Never a band to sit back and wait for success to happen, Overworld's in the midst of a new pledge campaign to create their next Music Video! Since they're so good with words, let's just take a quote from their Facebook page:

"We're already at a stunning 20% in our new PLEDGE CAMPAIGN! Thank you so much everybody! We're one fifth in towards financing our NEW MUSIC VIDEO which will be the coolest thing we've ever done, guaranteed!

Please keep visiting our shop for new items to buy and pre-order our new EP "Bring Down the Sky"! Spread this to everyone you know, we really need your fantastic support to make this happen! And also, let us know, what would you like to see in our shop?


You are the best fans in the world and you never stop making us proud!



Endigo, Kaz, Nikke, Lynx, Andie & Carola"

STORE HIGHLIGHT: The official Bring Down the Sky t-shirt!

[News Release] Mothercoat Will Perform At Russian Summer Music Festival V-ROX!

[News Release]

Mothercoat will perform at V-ROX Festival this summer - an international music showcase event held in Vladivostok, Russia from August 29th to 31st, 2014.

"The idea of the V-ROX festival – was an idea of discoveries: people should discover interesting things around themselves, rather than relying on someone else’s opinion. We want people to see what is happening around them and open themselves to it. In this case we are talking about Vladivostok and the Far East region, which, despite their geographic proximity, are not fully adapted to a thriving new Asian cultural environment."* 

They also say "I would call our festival the “Festival of Discoveries". But it is in any case, not a competition, not a talent show , it is a place of meeting not only for creative people but also for independent and self-motivated."*

Isn't it a fantastic idea for them to hold such a big international festival with DIY spirit? We are so honored to be invited and hope that people will have a chance to get to know unknown, but exciting music from all over the world.

In 2013 V-ROX, Ego Wrappin performed as a headliner from Japan and in 2014, Skindred (UK). Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan) and Mohanik (Mongolia) will be headlining. Another Japanese artist in addition to mothercoat is Broken Haze. There will be so many artists to watch such as The Ghost (UK), Jim Kroft (Germany) and Idiotape (South Korea) who performed in SXSW 2014 with mothercoat. Just wait till you see the next legend that mothercoat will create in Far East!

Shibuya Crossing Episode 035 LIVE Wednesday July 16th!

IN LIVING TECHNICOLOR. This week’s theme will take you on a journey to savor every delicious color of the rainbow - of J-Music that is. 

We’re kicking off the show with a different mix this time as we begin from the world of electro-pop, and then we slowly segue into the indie Oshare-Kei universe. The music of BugLug, Comodo Dragon, capsule and Immi will top the shortlist. It will be very flavorful for the ears, guaranteed! 

Following that, we kick it up a notch with some spice and some a dash of nostalgia, as rock icons LUNA SEA take on this week’s Artist Spotlight. As an added bonus, we’re also spinning a new track from a local J-Music talent who has an impeccable ear for good sound. 

We wrap up the show with special treat! Following the launch of the 2014 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, we’re playing music from two Japanese films that will screen during the opening weekend. Find out as we unravel these tracks, plus a few surprises on the side, all on Episode 035 of Shibuya Crossing.  

Wednesday, July 16th at 1pm EST at (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm on demand at

Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690

Dan's Pick "44°+"

Welcome back!

This is a pretty sweet group I found while browsing Space Shower Music's YouTube page a few weeks ago. (YouTube page here)

44°+ is a four piece post rock instrumental band that was formed in the summer of 2012. Straight outta Kobe! Fun Fact: That's where my high school Japanese teacher was from.

The members are as follows: 
Hikaru Okumura (Hikaru Twitter)
Aiichirou Tanaka (Aiichirou Twitter)
Youhei Sakamoto (Youhei Twitter)
Masayuki Jintani (Masayuki Twitter)

I'm going to keep this mildly brief, but don't take that as disinterest. This song is off their album "Consider and Forget". It has a lot cool guitar textures that vary throughout the song which are quite enjoyable. The production is pretty good, everything is mixed pretty well (my opinion). The drumming is technical and very fun to focus on. Double thumbs up from me. I looove the acoustic guitar is. It's a nice addition, I think. Some of my favorite moments in this song are the acoustic parts. There are also really funky bass lines, and you know how I like nice funky bass lines. I'll definitely be checking out more of this group's songs. 

[44°+ "D" (Official Music Video]

Check them out online:

Monday, 14 July 2014

An Cafe - Animethon 2014 Comment Video

Whoops, I'm a little late in posting, but check it out! An Cafe's video comment for their first Canadian live at Animethon 21 is up! Full event details can be found here. See you there!

Animethon 2014
Date: August 8th - 10th, 2014 
Concert Date: Saturday August 9th, 2014
Location: MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Edmonton Alberta

The Weekly Quickie: Knot Fest, Sailor Soldiers, BREAKERZ, LYCAON, lynch., MIYAVI

Planning on going to Knotfest this year?  No?  Well, I suggest you change your plans as some very awesome Japanese rock will shaking the stage in San Bernardino, California.  MAN WITH A MISSION, ONE OK ROCK and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will all be taking the stage on 10/25.  Now, that is a killer lineup if I ever saw one.  If you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend you go.  These three bands alone are worth the price of a festival ticket.

I've been seeing a TON of buzz on the net about the new Sailor Moon series that started up recently, but did you know there was a band?  It's called Sailor Soldiers and includes some familiar faces such as KillKills bassist Ery and Exist Trace guitarist Miko.  I expect some pop-metal goodness from these girls.  At the very least, some epic cosplay.

Friday, 11 July 2014

PV Analysis: Urbangarde - 'One Piece Shinju'

With a sound they describe as “trauma techno pop”, Urbangarde is an act with an electronic sound that delights in skirting genres. Featuring Hamasaki Yoko (Vocal), Matsunaga Tenma (Vocal/Sequencing), Zeze Shin (Guitar/Sequencing) and Kagiyama Kyoichi (Drums), the members draw from an array of backgrounds and influences to coalesce into a distinct and compelling sound. Coming together in the early 21st century, since their major debut single in 2011 they've released 6 albums total the latest featuring “One Piece Shinju”. The PV is sparing in its imagery, but provides an arresting visual to a track that's unflinching and hauntingly vocalised. As I'm working without lyric translations this will be a less than authoritative look at the piece.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Project ezCosplaya #9 - Better and Bigger

YesAsia: Check Their Latest Pre-Orders and Promotions!

Shibuya Crossing Episode 034 LIVE Wednesday July 9th!

Episode 34 of Shibuya Crossing will take you outdoors - from your home to the nearest movie theatre. Because staying outdoors in the sun for too long isn't always fun! To celebrate the films that will be announced at the Fantasia International Film Festival, our opening setlist will feature music from NIGHTMARE, MUCC, HYDE (L'Arc-en-Ciel), GACKT and SID. Find out what they all have in common. (Hint: it has something to do with movies). 

We'll also be playing some tunes that we didn't get the chance to play last time from artists such as Arlequin, Triampersandy, HOLLOWGRAM, Monkey Majik and RUVISH.

This week's artist spotlight will showcase the sounds from MEJIBRAY - a very well-known indie Visual Kei band among overseas music fans. 

And we also have a special guest walking into the studio who's gonna talk about cool stuff regarding Japanese pop culture, plus a ton of other aural treats we're saving for the radio! So be sure to tune in on air or online! 

Wednesday, July 9th at 1pm EST at (1690AM in Montreal), and 3pm on demand at

Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Weekly Quickie: HOLY CRAP NEW RELEASES! Edition

I don't know about you guys, but my head (not to mention my wallet) is absolutely SPINNING over all the new releases announced for this summer and fall season so, I thought I'd help you guys get your head around it all by making up a list of some of the most notable and most sought after albums.  You ready?  Ok, let's go.

MY BACTERIA HEAT ISLAND.  I have really been looking forward to this one, and it's finally here!  My Bacteria Heat Island released their first EP, titled Nisshin Geppo, on July 2nd.  The EP comes with 5 tracks and a 12 page poetry book.  That's right, I said poetry!  Check the preview, then GO GET IT before it sells out!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hey, Do You Know: Zillapark?

I have to talk about this band. I love the name Zillapark. Come on say ZILLAPARK with me. How cool did that sound?! OK, let's get down to business. They are fairly new, formed 03/2014. They will also have their first live on 2014/07/03. They don't have any albums out yet BUT they do have a teaser video with one of their songs which, I have to say, I like so far and am excited to hear more! Lets keep an eye out for them.

- Iris

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Fashion Fraction: Online Shopping Picks [July 2, 2014]

Good day, everyone. Apologies for the day-late submission. Due to internet problems on my end, I had to postpone a day on this article. But to make it up... I'm posting the first of my quick article array for Online Shopping Picks where I recommend about 10 products from our affiliates and provide my two-cents as to how I'd coordinate them for a pretty sweet outfit.

Our amazing affiliates have a great inventory of fashion available for everyone. Now I'm a big punk and gothic (and Visual Kei, obviously) loving individual- so most of my recommendations are gonna criss-cross over into those styles.

I'm going to focus on YesStyle considering it's their 8th anniversary. They're having an epic sale right now where thousands of items are anywhere from 10% off and up to 80% off! Sale lasts till July 27! I'm going to be browsing through all their on sale items and posting my picks on what you should totally throw into your cart if you do decide to go on a little online shopping spree.

PV Analysis: GOTCHAROCKA - 'Virginity'

GOTCHAROCKA is led by Jui on vocals and completed by Jun on guitar and Toya also on guitar. Active from May of 2012, they've released one mini album and one full length as of this writing, along with 4 singles. Taken from the titular track on their mini-album,  The PV for Virginity is a strange depiction of one man's issues with the cafe he's selected for a post-shopping experience, accompanied by a rocking track that seems to loop itself in a cautionary tone.