Monday, 30 March 2015

The Weekly Quickie: the Lotus, ViViD, VAMPS, Hizaki, Sukekiyo, nue

Yo, dude!  Check out my banner!  It's a pretty cool banner.  How much do you love it?

Okay, enough goofing off.  Down to business.  Good ol' PSC, the company we both love and love to hate.  They've brought us great bands like The Gazette, ViViD, Kagrra, and Miyavi just to name a few.  Now, they have created a new label together with Bellwood Records titled "Nouveau Parfum."  The concept is creating a 'new scent' within the scene of visual kei.  The first release, or rather releases, on this label will be LOTUS' three month "Providence" series.  Providence of Bionic releases April 8, Providence of Jesus May 13 and an as yet unnamed mini-album (I'm betting it has 'providence' in the title) in June.  I'm curious to see what exactly this new scent entails.  I'm thinking....lavender and hairspray.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

NMFT Vol. 007 - Montreal and Vancouver!

Not to be left out, NMFT will be hitting up Montreal and Vancouver this June, before heading back to Tokyo. I don't see the official event up yet for Montreal (will post as soon as I do), but below is the info for Vancouver at The Biltmore Cabaret. 

Bands: OWARIKARA / mothercoat / otori / PENs+
@ The Biltmore Cabaret Wednesday, June 17, 2015
note: show starts pretty damn early!!
doors open 6:30 pm
show starts 7:30 pm (ends~11:30pm)

NMFT Vol. 007 - Second Toronto Show Announced!

So, looks like no stop at The Rivoli this year, but that may not be a bad thing. First stop of the tour will be launching from Soybomb, a place far better described by Steve himself, than my words could try imitate. Details below. We'll let you know as soon as ticket sales open!

Bands: otori / PENs+ / mothercoat / OWARIKARA
@ Soybomb Hq Friday, June 12, 2015
doors open: 8:00pm
show starts: 9:00pm

tickets: $10 (advance) $15 (at door)
Will post info on how to get advance tickets soon.

LIVE REPORT: Japan Nite @ SXSW 2015

The last few weeks saw an estimated 75,000 people converge on Austin, Texas for one of the country's biggest music and media festivals, SXSW. Filmmakers, tech gurus and, of course, musicians from all over the world came to show us their stuff, bringing make-it-or-break-it attitudes to the heart of Texas in an effort to score that big deal. It’s crazy, crowded, and sometimes downright bizarre, but it has become a staple of Austin music culture and possibly the most anticipated event of the year.

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Weekly Quickie: Blood Stain Child, Golden Bomber, Plastic Tree, AvelCain, UNiTE, DaizyStripper, VAMPS, Lill

Blood Stain Child has been announced as the first musical guest for Oni-Con XII!  Oni-Con takes place at Galveston Island Convention Center on October 30-November 1.  It's only $35 for a weekend pass until April 1, so hurry up and pre-register

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Interview: HIZUMI of UMBRELLA Design Co. At Naka-kon 2015

Naka-kon marks the beginning of my con season and I have to say, it is starting out great! Thanks to a friend I had the chance to get out and enjoy this amazing convention, plus I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with HIZUMI, of D'ESPAIRSRAY fame, to talk about his career in design and his company UMBRELLA.

Q. Thank you for speaking with us today. How did you enjoy Naka-kon? Did you have a chance to look around?

A. This is the first time I've really gotten to walk around and look through a venue where it is very concentrated on anime. It left quite an impact.

Q. You run your own company, UMBRELLA. Are the style of design you use and the name connected?

A. There is no real connection between the name and designs. The name for the brand comes from the fact that people call me the "Rain Man." The name doesn't have anything to do with my creative works.

Q. Can you tell us about overall influences? Such as other artists or things in everyday life that influence you to create your designs?

A. It mostly comes from talking with people. Like going out and talking with drinking buddies.

Next Music From Tokyo Vol.7 @ Lee's Palace

First date announced!!! Details from the official Facebook event below:

Bands: Owarikara / mothercoat / otori / PENs+

@Lee's Palace Saturday June 13, 2015

doors open 8:00 pm
show starts 9:00 pm

tickets: $10 (advance) $15 (at door)
Ticket info to follow!

When I first started this Japanese music showcase in 2010, Owarikara and mothercoat immediately came to mind as two of the best live acts in all of Japan that I needed to invite for the tour. They blew minds across Canada during NMFT vol.1 and five years later they're better than ever.

Joining mothercoat and Owarikara are PENs+ and otori. I chose otori b/c some fans complained that NMFT was getting a little 'soft' by leaning towards 'accessible' bands like Kinoko Teikoku, chi-na, Uchu Conbini etc. Personally, I think music can be powerful and intense without being noisy or having tons of guitar distortion and Kinoko Teikoku, chi-na, UC and all the bands I've chosen are powerful in their own way.
Anyhow, otori's music is noisy, ferocious and smart. Loud enough to please the noise/HC crowd but creative and intelligent enough to please music enthusiasts of all kinds. Female vocalist Kobara Sae is adorably cute off-stage but an absolute demon when she grabs the mic.

PENs+ play mathy, emo-HC with nasty guitar wizardry and lots of pop sensibility. They were chosen to play a large festival as one the best high-school bands in Japan in 2012. Now in university they keep honing their skills by playing more and more shows and are at the forefront in shaping Tokyo's 'next music.'

All of the bands have music that you can listen to for free on Spotify. BUT I chose these bands for how much they kick ass live and their studio recordings don't do their live performances justice. 
Lee's Palace last year was one of my favorite shows ever and we managed to sell the place out.
NMFT 007 will be just as awesome, if not better so make sure you don't miss out!

J-rock North Promotions Presents: FLOW At Animethon 22 AND Otakuthon 2015‏!

Some of you may have been anticipating this announcement, but FLOW are hitting us up, not once , but TWICE here in Canada! They'll be starting off on one side of the country, playing Animethon Friday August 7th, then jumping across to Otakuthon to play live Sunday August 9th. So, make your arrangements now! We'll see you there!

J-rock North Promotions Inc. Presents: FLOW @ Animethon 22 & Otakuthon 2015 (in association with AMUSE INC.)

==>Animethon 22<==
Date: August 7th, 2015
Concert Date: Friday August 7th, 2015
Time: Doors open 7:30 PM | Concert starts 8:00 PM 
Location: MacEwan University City Centre Campus | 10700 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada B T5J 4S2

Date: August 9th, 2015
Concert Date: Sunday August 9th, 2015
Time: Doors open 12:30 PM | Concert starts 1:00 PM 
Location: Palais des Congrès | 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, Quebec, Canada H2Z 1H5

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 Up To 80% Off & More!

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Press Release: ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Releases Their Highly Anticipated New Single “Easter”!‏

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION releases their highly anticipated new single “Easter”,

8 previous albums now available for international fans!

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION has just released their highly anticipated new single titled "Easter"! This latest single comes after a 2 year hiatus without a release from the band. Other tracks include “Parallel World” and “Seaside Sleeping” for a total of 3 newly recorded songs.

In addition, the band has also revealed that it is working on a new studio album, which is being recorded in Los Angeles at Studio 606, which is the private studio of the American rock band, Foo Fighters.

ALSO for first time ever, the band has made available 8 of their previous albums for international fans via iTunes and Amazon. Albums ranging from their debut album “Destructive Amplifier” to their long selling hit album “Sol-fa” are now available!

New Single “Easter”

1. Easter
2. Parallel World
3. Seaside Sleeping



Press Release: AKIRA's Hit Singles Now Available On iTunes!‏

Singer and fashion model, AKIRA has released her music for the first time for international fans to enjoy!

Her debut single “Aoki Tsuki Michite”, featured as the ending theme song for the anime series, "Black Butler: Book of Circus“ and her 2nd single “Kirie Toroimen No Shirabe” are now available.

As previously announced, she will be making an appearance at Kawaii-Kon in Hawaii from March 27-29. Don’t miss your chance to see her in person!

[Aoki Tsuki Michite]



[Kirie Toroimen No Shirabe]



Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fashion Fraction: Convention Fashion [Shumatsucon]

Hello and welcome to another installment of Project: Lixx's Fashion Fraction.

Back in July, I provided you an introduction into fashion represented at conventions; if you missed that article, you can read up on it here.
As a small restate, fashion has its premise at Japanese Pop Culture conventions just as much as anime and manga- with there being many panels, events, and even special guests related to the fashion industry.

February 27 through March 1, I was at a brand-spankin' new convention here in Columbus, Ohio known as Shumatsucon! This was its first year running and already I have high hopes for the baby convention!

While at Shumatsu, I met 2 of the most adorable and polite fashionistas- Kitsune Fantasy and Kawaii-Infected. I had seen them walking around on the Saturday of the convention in some seriously awesome decora/fairy kei co-ords but unfortunately wasn't able to snap a photo. On Sunday, I found them in the bathroom (of all places) and got to talking- it was then I asked if I could feature them for the Shumatsucon version of Convention fashion!

Infuzzion Episode 8: Airing March 21st!

If you weren't out celebrating this past weekend, or tonight, then be sure to join us this Saturday for a special 'party' episode of Infuzzion! And of course, if you're still going strong, you join us too ;)

This month we've picked our favorite high-energy, pick-me-up, go-all-night tracks. I can assure you, it's 2 solid hours of awesome. But, it's not a party without friends, so we want you there! 

Join us Saturday, March 21st, 9-11PM EST (GMT - 4*)
*Note the time change! 
Tune in HERE!

Chat with us on twitter during the broadcast using #jrockradio!
(And free stuff, don't miss the free stuff!)

Shibuya Crossing Episode's 049 x 050: Memories

[049 x 050: Memories] Thanks for your feedback in last week's online poll. Enjoyed reading your answers so much that we thought of doing it again, so here we go:

VOX POP - What was the first J-Music song that you first remember listening to? What kind of memories does it bring back? It can be from an anime, TV, film, fashion, anything goes!

We're fast approaching our 50th consecutive episode here at Shibuya Crossing on CJLO 1690AM. Still don't know how we're going to commemorate it, but if you have any suggestions or ideas, please pass them along!

Wednesday's from 2 to 4pm EST (UTC-5) on CJLO. Online, on demand, and on the AM radio in Montreal at 1690AM.

Twitter: @SHIBUYA1690

Press Release: FLOW Releases Their Ultimate Anime BEST Album!!!‏

Known for their many anime themes, 5 piece rock band FLOW releases their second and the ULTIMATE anime best album!

This album, “KIWAMI” (meaning “ultimate” in Japanese), includes songs from popular anime series, plus their newest song “AWAKE”, “Bluebird” (a collaboration cover song with Diana Garnet) and a remix by DJ Kazu!

Also this summer, FLOW will also be embarking on their first ever world tour titled “FLOW WORLD TOUR 2015 KIWAMI” which will hit up 8 countries that include Japan, Taiwan, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and the U.S..

Their stop in the U.S. will be on June 12th, at the largest independently organized anime convention in the NY/NJ area, Anime Next 2015!

Stay tuned for more details on their world tour.....

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Weekly Quickie: JILLED RAY, Kenji Furuya, Bar DraganoV, KAZHA, Shonen Knife, Perfume, Nocturnal Bloodlust, ALSDEAD, Dir en grey

Japan Visual TV will be hosting an appearance by the members of JILLED RAY on March 24.  Japan Visual TV streams live on YouTube and hosts a wide range of appearances and performances, so be sure to subscribe to their channel so you don't miss out.  The March 24 broadcast will include an appearance by the members of JILLED RAY as well as live footage from their one-man at Ikebukuro EDGE on March 6 so keep an eye on that countdown clock so you don't miss it.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

J-rock North Promotions Inc. Presents: Umbrella At Anime North 2015!

Seriously, if you didn't already get your passes when I posted about UchuSentai:NOIZ at Anime North, then you best be on it now. Umbrella are making their return this May to Toronto!!! Those of you who were there with me during their last visit KNOW they killed it! And I know you'll be back for more. For those who missed them last time - grab those few remaining passes!! Go, Now!

J-rock North Promotions Inc. Presents: Umbrella @ Anime North 2015
Anime North 2015
Date: May 22nd - 24th, 2015
Concert Date: Saturday May 23rd, 2015
Location: Toronto Congress Centre - Hall C
**Doors open 6:30 pm | Concert Starts 7:00 PM | Second act 8:30 PM

Vocals/Guitar - Yui
Guitar - Syu
Bass - Hal
Drums - Sho Presents: HIZUMI and JIN at Naka-Kon 2015

With Naka-kon just a few short days away, we want to remind you about a few awesome industry guests: HIZUMI and JIN! We'll be there with bells on, but you don't want to miss them live! Details and schedule below. We better see you there! presents: HIZUMI and JIN @ Naka-Kon 2015.
Naka-Kon 2015
Date: March 13-15
Location: Overland Park Convention Center
Overland Park, Kansas

Panel and Event Times and Dates:

Friday, March 13 (10-11 PM)
Getting into the Japanese Entertainment Industry
JIN and Ali Watson (JRR)
Courtyard 6-7

Saturday, March 14 (2-3 PM)
HIZUMI Beyond Music
HIZUMI (Interpreting: JIN, Mod: Jess Tran (JRR))
Courtyard 4-5

Saturday, March 14 (7-9PM)
Charity Gala
JIN (Guest singer)
Ballroom A-B

Saturday, March 14 (9-10 PM)
Uta no JIN Live
Ballroom C

Sunday, March 15 (10:30-11:30 AM)
The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome of the Japanese Entertainment Industry
JIN, Ali Watson (JRR), Jess Tran (JRR), and HIZUMI
Ballroom A-B

Autograph Sessions:
Friday, March 13 (6-7 PM)
Autograph Room A (JIN)
Autograph Room B (HIZUMI)

Saturday, March 14 (3:30-4:30 PM)
Autograph Room A (HIZUMI)
Autograph Room B (JIN)

Sunday, March 15 (12-1 PM)
Autograph Room A (HIZUMI)
Autograph Room B (JIN)

Fashion Fraction: Focus On ["Other Keis"]

Welcome to your dose of Fashion Fraction here on Project: Lixx!

For this Focus On, we'll be talking about the "other keis"- meaning a bulk of Japanese street fashion that includes oshare, decora/fairy, gyaru/ganguro/kogal, shironuri/mori girl/dolly/cult party, and even bosozoku. Some of these are more well known than others but don't have nearly the amount of subgenres as Lolita and Visual Kei do.
Please remember- I am no expert in these fashions nor do I necessarily partake in these styles.

So, let's get started!

Monday, 9 March 2015

The Weekly Quickie: Lycaon, Serah, SPELL BOX, AvelCain, Memento Mori, DIV, 5572320

Prepare yourselves, folks.  This was a week of sucks.  We'll start with the one that hit me the hardest, the disbandment of Lycaon.  This is a band that seemed like it was in it for the long haul.  They've been together seven years and seemed only on their way up, but they've decided they will disband after their live at Akasaka BLITZ on November 7.  The reasoning they've given is rather vague, saying simply 'this and that,' but they will work hard until the end and look forward to your support for their final one-man tour.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

CDJapan: Spring Clearance Sale Until March 22!

CDJapan is offering big discounts on stocked CD, DVD/BD, Books, Collectibles, Apparel, and more for a limited time!! If you're like us, you shop there often. But hurry, the quantity of eligible items is limited, so shop now!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Japan Nite Artist Introductions Round 8: Mahoshojo ni naritai

A self-proclaimed "no-genre band," Mahoshojo ni naritai is dripping with nerd-core goodness.  With a sound straight out of an old-school video game, the synth backdrop and effected vocals make you feel like you're adventuring with Zelda or defeating evil mages in Final Fantasty I.  Even navigating their OHP feels like a video game.  Check them out after the break.

Band Name:  Mahoshojo-ni-naritai

KAJI BASIL (vocal)
gari (VJ/vocal)
MEIJIsan (guitar)
Ui Viton (guitar)
ADULT YUkun (bass)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

J-rock North Promotions Inc. Presents: UchuSentai: NOIZ At Anime North 2015!

Okay, so I'm a little late in posting this, BUT that doesn't make it any less awesome! UchuSentai: NOIZ is making not one, but 2 landings here in Canada!! Right after they send Alberta to outer space with their performance at Otafest, they'll be making their way to Anime North in Toronto. Now, Anime North is selling out fast, with only day passes left - so you'll need to grab them ASAP!!! This is not a show to be missed. All the details are below. Be sure to click on the comment video too. I'll see you there!!

J-rock North Promotions Inc. Presents: UchuSentai: NOIZ (GalaxyStar Disc) @ Anime North 2015
Anime North 2015
Date: May 22nd - 24th, 2015
Concert Date: Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
Location: Toronto Congress Centre - Hall C
**Doors open 6:30 pm | Concert Starts 7:00 PM | Second act 8:30 PM

UchuSentai:Noiz members:


KYO (BASSIST): Super Vibrator

MASATO (GUITAR & VOCALIST): Hyper Sonic Guitar

KOTARO (GUITAR): Neo Eccentric Guitar

YAMATO (DRUMS): Machinegun Beat Grappler

UCHUSENTAI :NOIZ is a visual rock band from Japan. Officially created in 1996 by vocalist Angel-Taka and former drummer S@TT-ON. They are best known for their energetic music, extravagant outfits, passionate live shows and on-stage antics. Their music is very eclectic and has many different elements from genres such as punk, pop, metal, hip-hop and electronic music in their sound and thus cannot be properly labeled. Some songs tend to not mix all these sounds together and focus on one or two, while other song combine all these elements. There are two singers; Angel-Taka as the lead and Masato, who tends to sing in a more harsh/brutal metal way and with hip-hop/rap style vocals.

They have an extensive background in terms of live performances in Japan, and a growing interest in interna-tional shows since their debut abroad in Paris in 2006. As far as North America goes, they played back and forth in LA and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as a date in Canada in early 2013. UchuSentai:NOIZ are appearing at Anime North in association with GalaxyStar Disc and J-rock North Promotions Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville: Metalachi Video, Graffiti Artist RISK, Tequila World Details & Onsite Sponsor Activities

Various onsite sponsor activities and an interactive art installation with graffiti artist RISK have been announced for the fifth annual Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville, April 25 & 26 at Jacksonville, Florida's scenic Metropolitan Park along the St. Johns River. In addition, more details have been confirmed for the new Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville Tequila World.

Florida's biggest rock festival kicks off the World’s Loudest Month festival series and features music on multiple stages, band autograph signings, interactive experiences, a Monster Energy viewing area with beverage sampling, and a variety of food and beverage options, including local gourmet food trucks and the debut of the new Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville Tequila World.  

The new Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville Tequila World, with a Mexican fiesta theme, will feature a wide range of tequilas, extreme margaritas, gourmet tacos, mixologists and more. The expanded list of tequilas that will be offered in the Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville Tequila World is as follows: Cabo Wabo, Corazon, Espolon, El Jimador, Lunazul, Margaritaville, Monte Alban, Pura Vida, Siete Leguas, and more to be announced. Gourmet tacos will be provided by TacoLu Baja Mexicana. Admission to this area is free and open to those 21 and up.

Metalachi--the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band--will keep the party rolling with three performances on the Tequila World stage each day. Check out this hilarious behind-the-scenes video clip with Metalachi as they get the news about playing the festival: 

Also new in 2015 is the RISK interactive graffiti art installation. Kelly Graval, the multi-talented fine artist, illustrator, and graffiti artist known as RISK, will be curating an interactive art exhibit to be displayed on site. The exhibit will showcase multiple live demonstrations by RISK and will allow festival attendees the chance to interact and add to the exhibit. RISK has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for decades. With a career spanning 30 years, RISK has solidified his place in the history books as a world-renowned graffiti legend. He has come a long way since he pioneered the painting of freeway overpasses, signs and billboards, dubbed “heavens.” Although RISK loves aerosol art, he sees it as merely just one genre in his life’s work. From his days as a student at the USC School of Fine Arts to gallery and museum showings around the world, RISK has transformed from a street artist to a rising star in the contemporary art world. Check out a video of RISK in action here:

And this is only the beginning.  For more information on additional sponsor activities, check out the event page in the calendar on the sidebar.  Tickets for Monster Energy Welcome To Rockville are available now at Those looking for a VIP experience are encouraged to buy now and save. A limited number of VIP tickets are still available for purchase for the following prices: Weekend VIP: $244.50 + fees; Single Day VIP: $129.50 + fees. On March 9 at Midnight ET, VIP ticket prices will increase to: Weekend VIP: $264.50 + fees; Single Day VIP: $139.50 + fees.

Twitter: @RockvilleFest
Instagram: @welcometorockville
Official Video Trailer:

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Weekly Quickie: Royz, Glam Grammar, RevelZ, SuG, Black Gene for the Next Scene, A9, DIAWOLF

It seems Royz will be busy busy bees this year, starting with an Asian tour in April that will take them to South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Following the tour, they've announced the release of a new maxi-single, THE BEGINNING, on May 6 followed by a one-man 47 prefectures tour, 47th Beginners, starting May 11 through September 22.  In addition to the tour, they will hold a 6th Anniversary one-man at Namba Hatch on September 28.  Whew!  I'm exhausted just writing about it!