Industry Affiliations:

J-rock North Promotions Inc.

Established in 2005, J rock North Promotions Inc. (JNP) is active in the promotion of Japanese music, pop culture and artists in Canada and across North America. As a vocal and energetic supporter of the Indie music scene JNP through support, encouragement, communication and participation creates events that bring a sense of unity between Japanese Artists and the North American Japanese Music fan community.

J-rock North Promotions Inc. はトロントにおける日本の曲の輸入者として2005年の結成から活発に活動しています。 JNPはローカルアーティスト達や音楽の才能達、共に海外のアーティスト達やミュージシャンを集めることが狙いです。日本の音楽をカナダ、そして北アメリカ全体に広めることが目標です。大勢の組織にコンサート、 ツアー、CDのリリースのマネージメントなどをし、数々の日本のアーティストや小規模の組織にコンサルタントとして協力しました。

Japan Nite US Tour 2015

Japan Nite is an annual showcase of Japanese bands at SXSW in Austin, which has introduced over 100 bands to the world from 1996 to present. Following SXSW, the tour visits the Eastern United States, which includes New York, Chicago (and sometimes Boston or Cambridge) then West, to California. It is the coolest Japanese indie rock, punk and obscure culture extravaganza in the world.

VYPER Japanese Music

VYPER Japanese Music is a new french website about Japanese music. Since 2013, VYPER Japanese Music brings you the latest news from Japanese bands and artists. Moreover, they want to promote all kinds of Japanese music in France, Europe and more! It's for this, they offer you interviews, live reports and reviews about your favorite bands!
Since 2014, VYPER Japanese Music is the first 100% Visual-kei and J-Rock french print magazine. Their first issue will be released on 2014.07.01. Their website is also available on smartphone and tablet.

Visual Rock Spain

Established in 2013, Visual Rock Spain (VRS) aim's to promote Visual Kei and J-rock music in Spain and throughout Europe. Visual Rock Spain builds a bridge to connect Japan and Spain by spreading this movement to the Spanish audience.