Who is Lixx?

Lizz was attracted to the culture of Japan at an early age. As she grew, she discovered anime and was drawn to the music featured in the shows. The love of these soundtracks led her to seek out these artists, finding she enjoyed the JRock/Visual Kei scene most of all.  She attended her first live in 2008 and was left with a yearning to express her love of Japanese music to the world. Through her numerous fan projects to spread her appreciation and volunteering with a few promotions oriented organizations, the experience she's gained in live reports, interviews and promotion sees her create a new, more personal vision.  And so, Project: Lixx was born.

The dawn of 2014 sees Lixx on a new mission - to synthesize her enjoyment of Japanese culture and music, fashion, food and other personal passions into an outlet to share with North American fans.  While her first love is JRock/Visual Kei (MoNoLith most of all), Lixx's updates on her many interests are served to a cultivated network over social media platforms of all kinds. Invite her to your North American live for coverage, or contact her with news of interest. And subscribe of follow for the latest from the world of Lixx!

リズは元々から日本の文化に興味を持っていました。時間が経って、アニメを好きようになってアニメの音楽にはまってきました。その通り、アニメの音楽のアーティストを調べて、JロックとV系を発見して大好きになりました。2008年に、初めてのライブへ行って、音楽についての熱心をどこまでも表す希望を持つようになりました。色々なファンプロジェクト経由に、ライブレポートや面接やプロモーションの経験を積んで新しい世界観を作りました。その通り、Project Lixxが生まれました。